Polyester Enclosures » Single Door IP-55/ 65/ 66


A&P Solutions’ polyester enclosures are designed and manufactured for outdoor application to protect electrical equipment and instruments from the climate conditions of high temperature and humidity that prevail in the Middle East. Contact molding and injection molding technology are utilized along with Grade “A” quality raw materials to build the suitable thickness to our laminate and add the required level of gelcoat protection. A protective layer of 450 microns of gelcoat is added to our laminate, as opposed to 30 microns in machine molded enclosures, to provide the necessary level of protection.

Below is a list of the outdoor applications our polyester enclosures are suitable for.

  • Feeder pillars
  • Service turrets
  • Metering cabinets
  • Pole mounted cut outs
  • Fire equipment
  • Water meters
  • Street lighting control cabinets
  • Telecommunications control cabinets
  • Telephone & Cable TV
Our product range also includes the manufacture of:
  • Pedestals
  • Junction boxes
  • Foundations for enclosures

We at A&P Solutions believe in quality and are a Quality ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. Our polyester enclosures are tested in-house and by independent testing centers for IP-rating, fire proofing, tensile and flexural strength, color fading; and UV protection. For more information regarding our test certificates, please click here.

Our glass reinforced polyester enclosures have been utilized in the electricity distribution of the United Arab Emirates, Gulf region and the Middle East for the past 20 years. Our extensive supply record covers every governing electricity and water authority in the Gulf region along with some of the most prestigious projects launched in the progressive city of Dubai (to view our supply record, please click here). This endured success for the past 20 years can be credited to our unwavering commitment to quality and service, which has led A&P Solutions’ growth to become the largest manufacturer of polyester enclosures in the Middle East.